Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five years ago...

...The indiExhibit was formed! Our very first event was the 2010 ESPY Awards held at the Playboy Mansion. It is amazing to see how far we have grown not only as an organization, but also as individual artists. So many of the artists we had then are still with us now, including Kathy Adalian, Lori Malibuitalian, Kirsten Edwards, Karen White, and Shaz Justice.

Check out this video to see some of the hot celebs who own our work! (psssst....Jamie Foxx is in there!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mary Pickford is BACK and ready for the Academy Awards!

Okay, maybe not the real Mary Pickford, but her delightfully dark depiction created by indiElite, Shaz Justice, is ready to go!

This 5x7 mixed medium original was created on upcycled cardboard (yes, Shaz has become quite the trash artist!) and is showcased in a fabulously glammed out rhinestone frame. Graphite, ink, Prismacolor colored pencils and a dash of glittery nail polish were used to create this piece.

Her entire collection of artwork to be displayed at the Academy Awards Gifting Suite hosted by WOW Creations revolves around a Classic Hollywood theme. She chose her first piece to be a tribute to Mary Pickford at the suggestion of her older sister, Lorie. Known as "America's Sweetheart" long before Julia Roberts, Mary Pickford not only co-founded the film studio United Artists, but was also one of the original 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

It's no secret that Shaz tries to create designs that fit the "theme" of the event she is participating in. Whether it be a slightly creepy version of Darine Stern, the first African American Playmate to grace the cover of Playboy, for the BET Experience, or the five members of Korn transformed into disturbing rag dollies for Mayhem Fest, you can be certain that her products are fun and full of skulls!
Above Left: Funny man, Deric Sleezy Evans, backstage at the BET Experience
Above Right : Korn members, Ray Luzier and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, with Shaz Justice, backstage at Mayhem Fest

Be sure to follow our blog to see what our other talented artists will be sending to Hollywood!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Member Profile- Michelle Pugh aka "Smashgirl", Jewelry Designer

A California born girl, Michelle was raised in Orange County and spent her summers surrounded by the art of Laguna Beach. It wasn't until her late 30's that she found her passion while taking a mosaic class taught by Laguna Beach artist Sherry Bullard.  

Her passion for the environment and creating art from recycled materials was a perfect fit. Rescued items can be seen in many of her art pieces.

Her big launch into the art world took place after her divorce when RAW Artists Founder Heidi Luerra gave her the platform to jump into the pursuit of her dreams. She went on to be crowned a Founder's Favorite at the 2012 RAWards by Ms. Luerra. That led her to IndiExhibit and CEO Shannon "Shaz" Justice, founder and Big Cheese of one of the top Celebrity Gifting groups for Indies. Michelle now works as a Hollywood Rep for IndiExhibit. 

Her jewelry has been seen on About A Boy, The Katie Couric Show, Home and Family, and on the Red Carpet. She presented Jay Leno with a custom recycled mosaic hubcap for his birthday which now hangs in Jay's Garage. 

When she's not working in her studio you can find her running along the beach chasing sunsets. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Member Profile- Sarah Brobst, Jewelry Designer

Name: Sarah Brobst
Profession: Jewelry Designer, Mixed Media Sculpture, Leather Worker, Painter
Contact information:
Social Site Links:
Artist Bio: 
Sarah Brobst is the creative whirlwind behind Sarah Brobst Designs. She uses a combination of found and discarded objects: broken jewelry, old watch parts, camera pieces, worn belts, hubcaps and more to create her one-of-a-kind creations. 

The main focus of Sarah’s designs is to bring new life to old, discarded objects. Many of her works focus on collage techniques---combining mixed metals, old pages from magazines, jewelry bits, and roadside debris are just a few examples. Each piece is unique and created by using a number of techniques- industrial strength epoxies, wire wrapping, cold connections, paints...all to bring a new breath into what some would just throw away.

“Just about anything can be transformed into something new and beautiful. As humans, we have a tendency to waste so much. Why not repurpose what is not being used into something that can live on as something else."

Her work has been featured in numerous magazines including Freque, Pink Bride, and Aspira. She has also created pieces and tutorials for DIY Network, Marc Nelson Denim and had her brooch bouquets on the runway at Knoxville Fashion Week.


Member Profile- P. Dwain Morris, Painter/Sculptor

Name: P Dwain Morris
Profession: Photographer, Painter, Graphic designer, sculptor, freelancer
  Store: Speedway Center for the Arts 1550 Main St. Speedway, IN 46224 
Social site:

P Dwain Morris was born and raised in St Louis, MO., educated in the St. Louis public school system and the McKinley high school honor art program. He attended the Kansas City Art Institute where he studied design and photography.

He served in the US Air Force for eight years as an civil engineer where he designed floor plans and  facilities. While in the Air force he was a part time portrait photographer.
Today he is a freelance Designer. He has designed two covers for Lowrider Art Magazine and has designed merchandise for several Race car teams for example T-shirts, posters and hero cards. He has had art shows at the Noblesville city Hall and at the RAW art show in Indianapolis where he  displayed his painting skills in Portraits, Landscapes, and Abstracts. 

Now he is also managing the Speedway Art Center near
the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway where you can find all kinds of Contemporary and Auto racing art. He is always adding new skills to his tool box . He has trained himself to use 3D programs Poser and Zbrush, drawing programs like Corel and Illustrator, and photo software such as Photoshop and Corel Painter. Also, he has just started doing some Mixed media relief sculptures. Art is always changing and evolving and he tries to evolve with it. 


Member Profile- Lynne Reichhart, Fine Artist

Name: Lynne Reichhart
Profession: Fine Artist, Painter, Creator
Social Site Links

Lynne Reichhart graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a BA in Computer Science.  After 20 years of corporate life, she wanted to explore her creative side.  She is primarily self-taught, but has been taking classes at Munson Williams Proctor School of Art to hone her skills.  Lynne works at her Westernville, NY home in her studio space with the support of her wonderful husband, Steve.  Lynne finds that the biggest challenge is trying to balance time painting and creating with computer time promoting.

Lynne’s style is predominantly representational and her subject matter varies greatly.  She loves to explore different subjects primarily in acrylic and watercolor.  Lynne discovered that she likes to paint still life and floral close-ups in watercolor and anything goes in acrylics!   She also tends towards smaller works.   She finds them more intimate and affordable for everyone.   Lynne has collectors worldwide including commission work.  She shows her work regionally and has a few other East coast shows under her belt including The 2014 Twitter Art Exhibit in Orlando Florida.  She has also won numerous awards for her paintings including ‘Best of Show’.

Lynne has recently had the privilege to have her work included in Hollywood Gift bags at major award events such as the Emmys, Golden Globes and the Oscars.  She is a member of a group of independent artisans (The IndiExhibit) who participate in gifting suites for Hollywood award shows. Celebrities such as Lorraine Bracco and Joe Mantegna have admired her work.

Member Profile- Amy Row, Visual Artist

 Name: Amy Row
Profession: Artist specializing in painting, working mostly with acrylics, pencil and watercolors.

In a world of overrated responsibilities and stress, childlike dreams and imagery bring me back to days of less worry.  Working with different mediums, I fancy bold vibrant paint colors and overemphasized features, yet appreciate the many shades and details of a simple pencil.  Eyes inspire me, as they say that is the window to the soul.  In a dark moment, laughter is thought to be the best medicine, so adding humor to my artwork feels therapeutic in a way. There is a monster and a beauty in us all and life is never what we anticipate.  Dodging life's punches isn't an easy task. Sometimes head on is the only option, forcing an internal review, and release of emotional creativity. Trial, error, and lessons keep me moving forward on this ever interesting and fulfilling artistic path. 
- Amy -
 Fall seven times, stand up eight - Japanese Proverb

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