Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars Re-cap Part One by Smashgirl

Indie Artists Kim Phillips, Mastercreation and Smashgirl
I'm sure my mailman was starting to think I had a serious shopping addiction by the amount of packages he was delivering to my doorstep. The IndiExhibit member's  gifts were arriving from around the world. It was exciting to open each package, it felt a bit like Christmas! We have a very talented group of artisans and they went ALL out for this event. I did something completely out of character this time and shopped for my dress early and had my nails done NOT at the last second! I don't know what got into me but I'm glad it did because the day before I had free time to lounge by the pool, yay! I'm so glad I had that chance because a whirlwind of activity was about to begin! It started when I tried to fit everything into my tiny little VW beetle. Yikes! It wasn't going to happen so the night before I fit what I could in my car and buzzed up to Kimmy P's place to load up her car.
Oscar's Day begins bright and early with a 5 o'clock wake up! Time to glam up and head up to Kimmy P's for the big day. Next stop… Beverly Hills! When we arrived Mastercreation A.k.a. Shane was waiting for us and it was great to have him with Team Indie to help with the dreaded task of unloading. We have to haul everything up to The Penthouse suite of the beautiful Luxe Hotel on Rodeo drive in the slower than molasses elevator. Somehow we manage to cram 20 people and a thousand boxes into that thing! 
The "brothers" a.k.a. the Kings of Swag, Mark and Matt Harris looked dashing as always, they have amazing style! 
Kimmy worked her magic as usual with putting together our display table. Shane ends up getting a cut on his finger and thankfully does not faint and pass out like Shannon did last year ha ha! Note to self pack first aid kit next time! One of our first celebs of the day was very exciting for me.
Te Jay with Custom Jewelry by JVLee Creations
His name was Te Jay and he happened to be on one of my all-time favorite shows The Amazing Race! It's my mission in life to find a partner and compete on that show, so it was great to meet someone that had already been on it. Tee Jay went gaga over the bracelets made by JVLee Creations! He had a hard time choosing which one would look best on him. He has an alter ego and performs as a female impersonator by the name of Tia Wanna. Such a sweetheart! He did a great recap on the Oscars Suite, check it out Things went fast especially the jewelry which is no surprise,  but there seemed to be something that really caught the eye of each celeb that came by. In fact many of them had a hard time choosing what they wanted and several kept expressing how they felt bad taking something. I hear this at every event and it's very humbling. You would think that celebs who are used to getting gifted everything in the world  would greedily grab things. That's never the case at our table. I did ask this question to one celeb why they felt bad taking gifts and they explained that they know how much work we put into our creations. I really wanted to share this with our members so they realize how appreciated their gifts are. In fact one of our favorite celebs, Erin Murphy the actress who played Tabitha on Bewitched went through her phone to show me a pic of her wearing a necklace that she received at a previous event from our group :) 
Erin Murphy with Art by Dwain Morris
Rob Steinberg with Custom Flask by Lori Malibuitalian
For some reason and I may have to ask the brothers if this is done on purpose, but we seem to always end up next to an alcohol vendor. I'm getting used to doing morning shots, ha! This really came in handy when Rob Steinberg chose Lori Malibuitalian's patriotic flask. He immediately took it over to the Five Wives  Vodka table next to us and asked them to fill it up, which they did ha ha! Good thinking Lori on having your art put on a flask that was genius!  Speaking of thinking with your head some of our celebs left with an extra head. Two heads are better than one, right? The abstract 3-D art sculptures by Artist Dwain Morris were turning heads all day! Heads will fly…thankfully they didn't when the wind kicked up! But they did fly off the table and a few celebs were battling over one. A compromise was reached and they each left with a head of their own.  Alright enough with the head talk starting to give me a headache! Two of my fave actors did arrive and one of them arrived with quite the entrance! I could hear J Michael Trautmann's laughter before I saw him, ha! He looked amazing in his vested suit and slicked back hair. Quite a different look from his character on Shameless. He cleans up well! He's one of those guys you could talk to for hours...and I did once...he is "The Most Interesting Man in the World." Wish we would've had more time to chat! Awesome friend and awesome to see him:) 

Actor J Michael Trautmann and Artist Smashgirl

J Michael Trautmann with Art by Mastercreation
The Most Interesting BOY in the World" also stopped by with his doll of a mother. About a Boy star Benjamin Stockham! One of the best shows and they are canceling it??? NBC needs to listen to the fans, this show is loved! Please shoutout to the network and help save this show! 
You may not know this but both J Michael and Benjamin are artists themselves. So if they chose your art its a HUGE compliment and just know that it will definitely be appreciated:) 

Benjamin Stockham with Art by Dwain Morris
Sue Wong with custom jewelry by Sarah Brobst
So if your art is chosen by another artist which is amazing then when an iconic Fashion Designer chooses your jewelry then you should be doing cartwheels! I had an OMG it's Sue Wong one of my FAVORITE designers moment when she stopped by our table! I hope to one day be successful enough to buy my first Sue Wong dress. Meanwhile it's enough to have her compliment me on the jewelry piece I was wearing that I designed! Thank you Sue you are my inspiration to follow my dreams! So I hope that Sarah Brobst knows how to do a cartwheel when she sees this!!! 
There's so much to share I have to do a back soon with the next post! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Member Profile- Karen White, Visual Artist

Name: Karen White AKA Kewzoo
Profession: Visual Artist/Designer/Sculpter and Art Coordinator

My Name is Karen White AKA Kewzoo. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I am a mixed media artist and sculptor. With my Husband, I run wall spaces for other artists as well as an Artisan market at our local cinemas every two months. I have been a member of the indiExhibit since it's foundation.

Describing my work is hard to be honest. I would think it would be animals and nature. My work doesn't usually have any political meaning, which is strange considering how strongly I feel about our current climate. It is usually fun, bright, whimsical, even cartoon like, but I do have my black, white and shades grey days.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The indiElite Event Team is headed back to Beverly Hills for the Oscars!

This Saturday our indiElite Event Team, consisting of Smashgirl (Michelle Pugh), Kimmi P (Kim Phillips) and Master Creation (Shane Hibbets), will be heading back to sunny Beverly Hills to represent all of our talented indie artists at the 2015 Academy Awards Gifting Suite hosted by WOW Creations.

Today we are giving you a sneak peek at some of the amazing products that will be gifted to our celebrity friends. For a more complete list of what will be featured at the event, check out our press release here.

Stay tuned for the post show writes up and photos from the Oscars!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2011 Kids Choice Awards Gifting Suite

We had a blast at the unofficial gifting suite for the Kids Choice Awards hosted by GBK back in 2011. We met so many great celebs including stars from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid",  "Victorious", Disney's "Shake it Up" and more! Check them all out in this awesome video!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Member Profile- Kirsten Edwards, Digital Illustrator

Name: Kirsten Edwards
Profession: Digital Illustrator

Social Site Links:
I am a digital illustrator and the creative mind of Hinterland Harmony Illustrations. In 2006, I watched the movie In Dreams, and the main character was drawing art on a computer! I was so excited and fascinated by that so much that I decided I wanted to learn how to do that. So I taught myself, with the help of books and YouTube videos, how to create hand drawn digital art in Photoshop on my Toshiba tablet that had a pen for drawing on the screen. My illustrations outgrew the memory capacity of that tablet, so I bought a larger computer that could handle my visions of creativity and a Wacom 21UX tablet and pen I had fallen in love with. Now I sketch my illustrations in a software called Sketchbook Pro and do my coloring etc in Photoshop. I draw semi-realism and cartoon art, some with a bit of whimsy. I like a lot of detail and colors and everything is drawn from inspiration, I rarely create "trendy" art. If I don't "feel" it I can't draw it. I have drawn custom illustrations for actresses Jennifer Scott, Charlotte Milchard, Julia Ling, Louise Linton and more. I have been a proud member of The indiExhibit since 2010. 

I have five indoor domestic cats. A feral cat colony of nine cats adopted us in November 2013, and before I could get Mamma Kitty spayed she gave us six beautiful babies in February 2014. I call them 'The Shedley Cats'. One of my favorite things to do in downtime is watch animated movies. My favorites are The Croods, How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 and Prep and Landing 1 & 2.


Monday, February 9, 2015

2011 Sundance Film Festival

Sundance 2011 was a completely different event than what we were used to. One reason being that it was held in snowy Park City, Utah rather than sunny Beverly Hills! We still had a blast and the celebs took a moment away from the ski slopes to oogle over our indie made artwork!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

2011 Golden Globes Gifting Suite

What a great event we had! So many great celebs came through and adored our indie artwork! Check out the video below to experience it for yourself!

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